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What makes Faiz Dental lab different?

(from Massoudah Faiz)

Faiz Dental stands out among many dental labs for many reasons. One of the most prominent reasons being my personal involvement with each doctor and patient from the start of each individual’s treatment. I make myself available for both in person consultations as well as any out of town clients through FaceTime. My presence and involvement helps by adding additional knowledge and experience when looking at technological and aesthetic challenges of each case. Starting with the desired outcome, we will begin with the end in mind and together find the best treatment. This service is a tremendous value to all parties involved to ensure success at the end of the treatment.

Together with the patient, myself and any doctors involved will go over design, material, color, number of teeth involved, patients goals and desires, our limitations and cost along with any potential complications to be aware of. Above all, the patient’s comfort and understanding of the entire process is priority. Once all parties agree to the final treatment plan we proceed.

There is always direct contact between myself, the doctor and the patient in each step of the process so that everyone remains completely informed of treatment progress.

Being a smaller lab, the doctors at Faiz Dental have access to communicate with me directly each time as opposed to working with a large lab where a receptionist is often made the liason. Each doctor is welcome to call, text or use other social media outlets to contact me and discuss their cases.

I can assist doctors with case presentations and increase treatment acceptance by showing patients examples of work that I have done for other patients in similar situations. I share my own story of how making over my own smile helped change my life. Seeing is believing and when they see my own teeth they know we can help them too. This also shows the patient that I have been in their position we are able to connect on a personal level, in turn making them more comfortable with the process. Fear of the unknown often holds a patient back and they want to make sure they will receive quality work that makes their teeth look as natural as possible. When they see my work they are assured that they can have beautiful smiles that will look natural.

The fact that I am a small lab, invest in quality materials and work tirelessly to produce great work gives my clients piece of mind. When they work with me they can be sure they are getting the best quality care.

Art takes time and quality takes time and doctors who value these two will wait an extra week or two to get the best work they can. It saves them from correcting work that was rushed or using a lab that took shortcuts.

I have no desire to compete with lower end labs as I believe it will be costly to the doctors, patients and the lab over time. If not done right the first time, dental work can be very costly to correct. I am committed to delivering the best quality the first time. I always ensure that the restorations not only are aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. Delivering quality to every patient builds a great relationship between the patients and the doctors and my lab will be known for our excellence in care within the dental community.

I use the most reputable milling centers for my frame works and implant milling needs. They produce quality products for me that I can be sure will last with their limited warranty.

My signature work would be creating Veneers with feldspathic and layered pressable ceramics. I use top of the line products with 3D staining for all the monolithic lithium disilicate and monolithic zirconia restorations. Porcelain fused to metal and gold restorations are also a service I offer using the highest quality alloy.

With the high quality Swiss scanner that I have in the lab I can scan and design all the restorations at an accuracy of less than 5 microns.

All my work has a limited warranty of 5 years with the exception of veneers. Once veneers are bonded all warranty is void.

I warranty my work and if for any reason my clients are not happy I find solutions for them.

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