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Testimonials From Patients

“I had my upper teeth veneered years ago by Massoudah, and I finally had the money to do my lower teeth too. When I went to my dentist’s office, I was deeply disappointed that they were no longer working with Massoudah as their lab. My doctor said we have another technician who is cheaper and can get it done faster and she is “ just as good as Massoudah.” I let the new laboratory technician make my lower veneers and what a disappointment it was. This technician had no where near the skills, expertise, knowledge or artistic abilities that Massoudah has. Long story short, I had to look her up and told her my situation. She said I can go to another office that she works with, or stay where I had the work done, and she will help them get my veneers right. She was kind enough to work with this office to redo the other technician’s poorly done veneers. My upper and lower veneers look, feel and function like I was born with them. She saved my teeth and restored my confidence. Massoudah is simply the best!”

Stacy, Buckhead, GA

“Ms. Faiz, Massoudah, has made all of my front crowns over the past few years. She gave me my smile back. She is the only technician for me.”

Caryl M. Paller, Atlanta, GA

Testimonials From Medical Professionals

“Always a pleasure to work with. Massoudah’s attention to detail is unparalleled. The fact that she is willing to come to the office when she can make all of the difference. I highly recommend her for your laboratory needs.”

Dr. Charlie Cooper, Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

“As a prosthodontist practicing in Atlanta for almost 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity of working with a number of very fine dental laboratory technicians. Massoudah Faiz stands at the front of this group. Her natural abilities combined with her technical expertise and passionate commitment make her a pleasure both for doctor and patient alike. I have no doubt that Massoudah will become an integral part of any team seeking the finest in dental technology.”

Dr.Jay Auerbach, DMD, Goldstein Center
I heard about Faiz dental lab a few years ago and saw the work she did.  The work I saw was esthetically beautiful.  Could not tell the difference with the natural teeth next to them.  But I am also just as concerned with margins and contact.  So I gave her a try.  I was completely happy with the results.  You can tell Massoudah takes pride in the work she does to make the dentist and patient happy. Both her anterior and posterior work was right on.  Thank you for doing the work you do.
Dr. Andrew Soulimiotis

Massoudah has custom crafted ceramic crowns for some of my esthetically demanding patient cases with great success and patient satisfaction. As a prosthodontist I rely on ceramists with a keen eye and skilled talent to realize my esthetic vision for my patients’ treatments. I have found Massoudah to have not only the eye and talent but also the patience to keep at it until the results are nothing short of perfection.

Maha M. El-Sayed, Prosthodontist

Massoudah is a true professional who cares deeply about creating lifelike, beautiful dental ceramic masterpieces. I have attended many CE courses with her. She created excellent PFMand EMax restorations for my Brother and Sister-in-law.

Dr. Bill Williams, Suwanee Dental Care

I always enjoy working with Massoudah. She has the artistic ability to shade match and create nuances with her porcelain work so that they blend in with the surrounding teeth!

Carmen McCaffery, DMD, Carmen McCaffery, DMD PC

I have worked with Massoudah for many years. I consider her one of the best technicians in Atlanta, or the southeastern US. With attention to detail, she knows how to make artificial teeth look real. I can recommend her with no reservations. She can make any dentist look good!

Cary Goldstein, Goldstein Dental Center
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